It is a part-time job, especially for the students who are currently in college or passed out recently. We are a group of IITians, working in some top product-based companies such as Nutanix, Flipkart, Paytm, Amazon, etc. We will assist you with various things related to computer science & engineering throughout this journey of working with us. In the end, if we feel you are good with some particular tech, we may provide you a referral.

So you will be working like this:

  1. Pick any topic(we will also suggest if you are facing difficulty) of your choice related to computer science.
  2. Learn that topic, code it, and upload your code in your GitHub repository.
  3. Write a detailed article related to the problem.
  4. At every point mentioned above, we will provide you feedback.

Why work with us:

  1. Believe us. You will learn a lot of new things that you have not heard earlier.
  2. Whatever you will do, you will get paid for that (Minimum amount will be 300, and the maximum will depend on the kind of problem you are solving).
  3. Primarily we are focusing on data science and machine learning, one of the most sought out technology.

Hope to see you at work. Best wishes for your computer science journey.

Please fill out the below form for evaluation and just send a mail at [email protected] with the subject ‘Form Filled