Hello learners, welcome to this course on advanced c++. In this course, we will learn multithreading, multiprocessing, concurrency, etc in a detailed fashion. Once you complete this course, you will be highly comfortable interviewing with any HFT firm. 

Why learn advanced c++:

  1. C++ developers are among the highest-paid engineers in the industry. 
  2. You will learn how systems work internally.
  3. If you are comfortable with C++, it will be a cakewalk to grasp the other language or framework.

Pre-Requisite for the Course:

There are no specific pre-requisites for the course as such. You should be comfortable with simple loops, data types, if-else, etc. During the course, if you are not able to understand something, just continue.

Instruction to follow the course:

  1. Do not copy the code, but write your own code. 
  2. Try to complete the exercise given at the end of each section.
  3. Do not go through the course just for the sake of completion.
  4. Put your entire code on GitHub, so that you can show it as a proof of concept to your future employer.

So best of luck, and let’s start.