Almost all the students are concerned about their future. In this post we are going to discuss, how a normal student can excel in his college life.

If you follow this post for 1-2 years, I can bet, you will get something your friends can not think of. This post is mainly for the students studying in computer science and engineering.

1st Year:

If you are a first year student, just focus on your CGPA. Because in the upcoming years you will not get much time to work on your grades/CGPA. In first year, we generally have basic programming courses such as C, C++, Python, Java, etc. I will suggest, you learn two programming languages. One of them must be either C/C++ and the another one should be anyone of your choice.

Think about your Neha and the ways to get your Neha. One of the way is to get 20+ LPA job and propose Neha.

In the first year summer, we will start the advance topics of these languages such as OOPs concepts, Collection, Hash Map, etc. If you are good with these concepts at the end of your first year you are good to go for the second year.

2nd Year:

Now you have come to 2nd year, so you will start learning your core subjects. Whatever core subjects you are having in your current semester, try to complete at-least one project related to that particular subject in that semester itself. If you are in a tier1 college, you will have to complete the project by default, because projects will be the part of your syllabus.

Always remember you Neha, your package/success is the only thing that can help you in getting Neha in your arms.

At the same time, you also have to dig deep into competitive programming. For this, you can choose any of the platform i.e. codechef, hackerank, hackerearth, codeforces, etc. At any platform try to solve 300+ problems at the end of your second year.

At the end of 2nd Year, What you will have in your resume:

As you have completed 3-4 projects related to your core subjects (operating system, DBMS, Data Structure and Algorithms, Computer Systems, etc), you can put them in your resume along with github repository link. At the same time you can also mention that you have solve 300+ problems on some particular platform.

3rd Year

In the 3rd year, you have to continue the journey of your competitive coding. At the end of the 3rd year, the total number of problems solved should be 600-700+(if you can do this, you are ready to crack any company). At the same time, now you can work on some of the real world projects (take some of the softwares in the market and try to implement some of their functionalities). You can also work with some of the faculties in your college on some research projects.

In your 3rd year itself, I will highly suggest you to explore the open source projects and try to crack the Google Summer of Code. You can learn some of the framework such as Django, Flask, etc. In this entire learning process, don’t forgot about your core subjects.

If till this point you are following the post, you are gona rock in life man. You are going to get your Neha.

How will your resume look like at the end of your 3rd year:

You will have some of the cool projects in your resume along with a good grab on the competitive programming skills. If you work hard, you might have a publication or GSOC or both in your resume.

4th Year

Now this is the time to rock with all the skills you have. If you are in tier one engineering colleges, don’t worry you are going to get a really good placements. But if your college is not that good, try LinkedIn, and participate in off-campus placements, I can bet you will do wonders.

How to use LinkedIn to get Machine Learning or Data Science jobs?

What you can learn in 4th year:

Now you can learn some of the research topics in computer science and work on some cool projects around these topics. I will suggest you to learn machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and read as many recent research papers as possible. After reading some paper try to implement it on your own, it will provide you a really good exposer to research.

In most of the colleges, core subjects are over by 3rd year itself. So you need not to worry about core subjects. As you are good with core computer science, competitive coding, and open source, you can start writing blogs or you can start creating you tube videos or even you can work on some of the start up idea, if you have one. Try to read as many articles as possible related to your favourite field whether it is machine learning or software engineering or anything else. You can also explore some competitive exam such as gate or cat as well, if your are interested.

My suggestions:

If you are someone, studying in tier3 engineering college, go and crack gate. Try to enter into one of the IITs, it will help you in getting a pay package of 20+ LPA. Believe me, IITs are haven for computer science students, it will provide you a good recognition along with a really handsome package.

Don’t forgot about your Neha, she will come only when you will get 20+ LPA, Best wishes.