Top Skills You Must Not Avoid to Become a Great Data Scientist

These days data scientist job is the most sought jobs among the youth. Everybody is trying to grab the data science skills. But some skills do not look crucial to become a good data scientist but are equally important. In this article, we will talk about all such skills that will make you stand out from the crowd. 

Data Structure and Algorithms:

If we talk about software engineering, data structure and algorithms are the most critical part of your life. Being a data scientist, if you are good with DSA, it will make you like a superhero. Most of the time, data scientists will be working with software engineering professionals, so this part of computer science is vital. Sometime it may happen that instead of using library implementation of some ML algorithm, you need to write the code from scratch. In such cases, DSA plays a crucial role.

Maths and Statistics

As we know, machine learning is nothing but a beautiful application of mathematics and probability. If you are good at maths, it will help you in understanding an algorithm intuitively. Further, it will also help you in choosing which algorithm to use on some particular dataset. At the same time,  with the help of statistics, we can get different insights from the dataset, it will be beneficial during the pre-processing stage of any machine learning project.

Core Computer Science Skills:

As a data scientist, if you know about the basics of computer science such as operating systems, computer networks, DBMS, etc. These skills will not only be highly helpful during the interview but make you stand out of the crowd at your workplace. If you have time, I will highly encourage you to know at-least how all these things work.

Good Communication Skills:

If you aspire to become a data scientist and you are not good with communication. It’s a big red flag for you. As a data scientist almost all the time, you will be working with the people having expertise in some other domain. They will not do not understand technical terms. So, in that case, your communication skills are going to help you a lot. If you think your communication skills are not very good, try to improve it as soon as possible.

A Good Story Teller:

As a data scientist, if you are good at storytelling, it will be like an icing on the cake for your career. Whatever you are doing, you should be able to explain interestingly.

There are tons of data science or machine learning courses available over the internet. Most of the courses focus on the machine learning algorithm part and their library implementation. If you have the skills mentioned above, it will provide an excellent boost for your career. If I have missed anything in this article, do let me know in the comment section.

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