Data Structure and Algorithm to Crack Product Based Companies

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In this practice of data structure and algorithm, every day, we will be giving one question. You have to solve that question on one of the coding platform and send us the link of successful submission. Whoever is going to submit all the seven questions in a week, that particular person will be given a token of appreciation such as some t-shirt, or sticker, or mention on LinkedIn, etc. We are a group of IITian, working in providing free guidance to improve the data structure and algorithmic skills, those are essential to crack any product based company.

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Rules to Participate:

  1. Whatever solution you are going to submit, it should be of your own. 
  2. At the end of the week, if you win. We may ask for a small explanation of some particular questions and your approach.
  3. You have to submit the screenshot of successful submission using a google form, given below.
  4. One question will be live for only 24 hours after that submission will not be accepted.

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To get the notification of the question, please join the telegram group: Data Structure and Algorithm Telegram Group

Question of the Day:     Length of Longest SubArray

Old Questions:

  1. Remove duplicate element from sorted Linked List  
  2. Detect Loop in a Linked List

How to submit the solution: Goto Problem Link —> My Submissions –> Views –> copy the link and share in the form 

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