Being a data scientist, how to Establish Your Self as a Brand?

You visit some of the normal pizza stores in your area, and you see that there are not many people. But suddenly you go to dominos and see that Pizza rates are higher at Dominos still there is more number of people as compared to that normal Pizza store in our area.
We can take another example. You would have heard that some particular influencer takes 10k per hour to deliver the lecture. Why he charges that much, and why organizers pay that much to that person? Think about it. There might be some other people of a similar caliber, but we will not pay that much amount to some average person of the same ability.

So what we learn from the above stories? One thing is sure, people care about the service you are providing, but even more than the service you are offering, people care about your brand name. In this post, we will talk about how you can establish your self as a brand.

Using LinkedIn: 

If you are a data science or machine learning enthusiast, you will already be familiar with LinkedIn. While using LinkedIn, try to send as many connection requests as possible to the people working in the same domain as yours. Now you will see that people are writing various posts, try to criticize those posts by commenting on them. If you are providing correct feedback or suggestions on the posts, people are going to see it. If you do this continuously for one month, you will start getting a connection request from various other people working in your field. Now, you can begin sharing various insightful posts. Try to post something that is having some useful content/insights such as you completed some project or scratch implementation of some machine learning algorithm, or rank in some competition, etc. If you do this continuously, there are very high chances that some of the recruiters will contact you even if you are a fresher.

Writing on Quora

Quora is a wonderful platform to answer the question asked by others. You can answer various questions related to your interest. Now people are going to follow you, given that your answers are adding some value to their life. If you are having a good number of followers, you can ask them to connect over LinkedIn as well. Let suppose you write in the area of data science. Some of the online course providers may contact you to promote their content or put their website link in your answer to get traffic on the website. Although I don’t support all these fake promotions at all. But it is one of the benefits of having a large number of followers. 

By Writing Blogs:

Blogging is going to add massive value to your profile as a data scientist. Whatever project/case study you are doing, try to write a blog over it. It will make your concepts crystal clear, and at the same time, you can write it in your resume. You can share your blogs on LinkedIn or Facebook. It is going to make a massive impact on your overall brand. If you are trying to enter into data science, I will highly suggest this practice.


For any data scientist, it is one of the biggest weapons to show his skills. Whatever you are doing, try to put the code of it on GitHub. In your LinkedIn profile, try to keep the GitHub link of your projects. It adds credibility to your projects. You can create some open-source python library of your own. Although it is not trivial, it is going to be a big plus for your data science profile.

Participate in Kaggle:

Kaggle can provide a considerable boost to your data science profile. If you are not able to win some competition, don’t worry, or even if you are not among the top 100, then also don’t worry. Try to participate in as many competitions as possible. It will increase your data science/machine learning knowledge exponentially. Let say you get a good rank in some competition, write a proper blog explaining your approach, and share over LinkedIn. I can bet it is going to establish you as a brand, and now people will start following you over LinkedIn and recruiters will message you for the interview.
There might be tons of other ways that might help you. We have tried to explain the most basic approach to make a strong data science portfolio. But all these things are going to help you only if you are a genuine person and not trying to make people fool. 
NOTE: Try to do all these things just for the learning purpose; you will become a brand automatically.

How All These Things are Going to Help You :

  • You can mention all these things in your resume, and it will add huge value to your resume. Let suppose you are most viewed write on Quora in machine learning or data science. It shows that you are interested in data science.
  • People may ask you to promote their content. They might pay you a good amount depending on your reach among the people. (Although I don’t support the paid promotion, if you are doing so, please avoid promoting the bad content)
  • You can conduct some online/offline seminars, and people are going to pay you a good amount.
  • You can provide some other services to the people, such as help in resume building, conducting the mock interview, etc. People may pay you for this as well.
  • You can start the youtube channel of your own. As you are already an established influencer, you are going to have good traffic on your channel.