How to use Linkedin in this Pandemic to get Machine Learning or Data Science Jobs?

These days students are very passionate about machine learning and deep learning kind of jobs. But being a fresher, it is challenging to get those jobs; even most of the time, you will apply to some of the machine learning or data science kind of jobs, and the company is not going to respond. In that scenario, LinkedIn may play a crucial role in getting a job/internship in the machine learning/data science domain. At the end of this post, you will come to know how to utilize Linkedin to get a positive response from the future employer.

  1. How to update your LinkedIn profile.
  2. How to make connections on LinkedIn.
  3. How to utilize LinkedIn feed to attract people towards your profile.
  4. How to apply for machine learning jobs through LinkedIn.

Update the Linkedin Profile:

It is the most crucial part of your job search through Linkedin. You should update your profile properly. It should have all the skill-set that you possessed. You can ask some of your friends to endorse you, if possible. Keep all your essential machine learning projects in the profile, and don’t forget to provide the GitHub link of all the projects. GitHub links create a positive impact on employers. If there were some other contributors in any of the projects, mention them in the project section. Each project should have a 2-4 line of small description. If you have some achievement like rank in some online coding competition or full grade in some subject related to your job search, or GATE rank, etc. mention them in your achievement part. In the course work part, mention the subjects that are related to machine learning, e.g. machine learning, statistics, algorithms, linear algebra, etc., don’t mention everything you read during your graduation/masters/Ph.D. 
In the education section, mention all your degrees. If you have good grades in your bachelors or masters, you can mention them as well. 
I have seen one of the mistakes in most of the LinkedIn profiles that people paste various certificates related to machine learning or deep learning, on their LinkedIn profile. I will suggest, don’t put any certificate in your Linkedin profile until & unless it is not super impactful like GSOC, etc. Your GitHub profile should reflect your intelligence, not your certificates. One of the drawbacks of having these certificates is that it is straightforward to get them, and everyone has these certificates in their profile.  
In the experience section, you can mention your experience, whether it is an internship or some teaching work or working in some other engineering domain, etc. If possible, try to describe your work in 2-4 lines.
In the featured section of the profile, you should have your resume. One thing to remember, the resume should be simple and in the latex format only. You can make nice resumes by using latex very quickly: Resume for Freshers
In about section, you can describe yourself and your interest, etc. It should be at least 70-100 word long paragraphs. It should reflect your passion, enthusiasm, towards machine learning. 
In the last section i.e., title, you have to choose your title very wisely. It is one of the most critical parts of your Linkedin profile. It is the title that attracts people towards your profile. You can look at other machine learning engineer’s profile, and update your title accordingly. 
Profile Picture: Your Linkedin profile must have a profile picture, and It should be a formal picture of yours. Don’t put some dummy photo or a group photo as your LinkedIn profile picture.

How to use LinkedIn Feed:

Till this time, we have created an attractive Linkedin profile. Now it’s time to leverage that profile to get some interview calls. Identify some of the companies or startups in your domain and search in their employee section and send them a connection request. With such a good profile, if you will send ten requests, at least eight people are going to accept your connection. Try to make as many connections as possible. As your number of connections will increase, your feed will also change. Now it will have more machine learning kind of posts. Try to react to the posts, if you can give any feedback or comment do that as well. If you do so continuously, you will also get a connection request from the people; unlike earlier, only you were sending a connection request.


How to Post on LinkedIn to Attract People:

As you have got a sufficient number of connections in your domain, now you have to do some unique work such as the implementation of some latest research paper, or scratch implementation of some machine learning algorithms, etc and post it over Linkedin continuously. With each post, provide the GitHub link of the code and, if possible, a small video or even a picture of your web application, where you have deployed your web app (You can choose free services like to deploy the model). That way, people will come to know about your expertise, and your profile will get the attention of various recruiters. 

How to Apply for Referral/Jobs Directly:

To get the referral or direct application to some of the positions, write a small script to ask for the referral. One of the sample scripts is given below, and you can modify it according to your profile and need:
Dear X,


Hope you are doing good. I am glad to connect with you over Linkedin. My name is X and I am a Computer Science student at IIT Madras.
                       I am passionate about the domain of Machine Learning. I am comfortable with Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms such as Logistic Regression, SVM, Boosting Techniques, CNN, LSTM, GRU, Neural Networks, NLP, etc. I have completed some of the projects around these tools & techniques such as fake image detection using CNN, Recommendation System using matrix factorization, etc. I believe that Company Name as an organization could be a great opportunity for me to improve my skills and at the same time, create value for the company.


I would be glad if you could kindly consider my resume for the position/referral.
Looking forward to hearing from you.


Thanks and Warm Regards,
Name: Amit 
Your E-Mail
If somehow you can connect to the company’s HR, this script will work better. This way, if you are asking ten people for a referral at least 2-3 are going to respond. Being a fresher, it’s not a small number (One of the advice I will provide you not to write interested or comment on your email-id in any of the posts related to the job. If possible, unfollow such people, these people are fake, who are trying to use LinkedIn just for publicity). Below are some of the replies that I got:
Now it depends on you, how you are going to perform during the interview process. If you have any doubts at any of the points, please comment down in the comment section with your LinkedIn URL. We will provide you the feedback of your LinkedIn ID.