Everything You Need to Know About New IITs (2008) vs Established NITs

As we know, GATE 2020 results have been declared, and most of the students are looking for M.Tech admission. If some student is getting a good enough rank to get into top IITs or IISc, it’s a fairly straightforward call for that candidate. But many students don’t have a good rank to fetch admission into some of the old IITs or IISc. According to the various college predictors, either they are getting already established NITs or new IITs. It’s challenging to decide between New IITs and already established NITs. So in this post, we are going to discuss whether a candidate must go to new IIT or Already established NIT.
This decision can not be taken directly; there are various parameters involved while taking admission into these institutes. We will discuss all these parameters one by one, and in the end, you will come to know whether you should go to NITs or New IITs. We will use the following parameters to make a final decision:
  1. Academic culture.
  2. Faculties profile.
  3. Research culture.
  4. Placements statistics.
  5. Peer group.
  6. Infrastructure.

Academic Culture:

If you compare the academics at IITs vs the academics at already established NITs, you will find a vast difference. Academics in New IITs will be very hard as compared to NITs. Faculty expectations from the students are way high. You will be solving tough assignments, projects, submitting reports that, too, with stringent deadlines, unlike our graduation. As an M.Tech student, it will be a whole new experience, because in an ordinary engineering college (most gate qualified people are from ordinary colleges only), we don’t do all these things in our graduation. For some of the students, it might look very attractive, but at the same time, for some, it might be a nightmare as well. So in a nutshell, if you want to be a part of a really rigorous system, you should definitely go to new IITs. Academics in newly established IITs will be way better than NITs.

Faculty Profile:

You can not compare the profile of an IIT faculty to that of the NIT faculty, even in the newly established IITs. In new IITs, all the faculties will be Ph.D. from some of the top institutions of the world. But in the NITs, you will not find such faculty profiles. Most of the faculty will be of that state only where that particular NIT is situated (I have heard it from my friends studying in various NITs). So if you want to work with such highly qualified faculties, you should join some new IIT instead of already established NIT.


Research culture in IITs is at par as compared to NITs. All the faculties are highly involved in the research. In their last 2-3 years, most of the IIT faculties, even in these new IITs will be having at least one paper in some of the top computer science conferences such as AAAI, KDD, etc. As an M.Tech student, if you are serious about research, you may publish at least one research paper during these two years of your M.Tech. In the end, I will say, if your plan is to go for research, don’t think at all and join some IIT.


I know most of the people are looking for this part only. If we compare the placements, south India’s NITs are going to win for sure. The average or median whatever you want to consider is going to be high for the NITs as compared to newly established IITs. These top NITs are going to attract all the top tech giants, but that is not the case with IITs. Some of the reasons for it are that IITs do not have an extensive alumni network, and the number of students in there b.tech and m.tech batches are less. So, in a nutshell, if your ultimate aim is to secure a job only, don’t think and join NITs.
NOTE: In this section, we are not considering IIT Hyderabad, now IITH is almost equivalent to the old IITs in terms of placements. 
Peer Group:
If we talk about the computer science branch, most of the b.tech students have an excellent jee advance rank. So your real competition is with b.tech students. They are super smart as compare to your m.tech counterparts. But NITs have one drawback of having a 50%home state reservation in their UG courses. Although it is not a very significant parameter to look for, so you can ignore this point.


As most of the IITs are shifted to their permanent campus in 2015, their infrastructure is new. In this section, newly established IITs are going to win.

Brand Name:

This is the thing that makes IITs unique. All the people around you might not be knowing even about NIT Trichy, but they surely be knowing about some newly established IIT. This brand name is going to remain with you throughout your life. If you are going to NIT, you are going to lose a brand name that carries tremendous respect in our society.


I would like to conclude that if your aim is only placement, go for NITs. But if you can compromise by 2-4 LPA in your placement package, I would recommend you to go for IITs. So it doesn’t matter which institute you join, it is a win-win situation for you. Please write down your doubts in the comment section, and I would like to answer them.