All about IIT Gandhinagar (Admission, Interview, Placements, Research, Faculty) M.Tech Computer Science

As we know, the gate result is almost about to declare, and candidates are applying for various colleges. Some colleges provide direct admission based on the gate score, but some colleges take the interview/written or both for admission in their M.Tech program. In this post, we will talk about the interview experience of IIT Gandhinagar for M.Tech. 

Students, Didn’t Crack GATE or JEE? Here’s How You Can Still Study at This IIT!

If you are a candidate who is getting a 630+ gate score, don’t worry, most probably, IIT Gandhinagar is going to call you for the interview. But their interview process is going to be a little rigorous as compared to other IITs. As IIT Gandhinagar considers itself a research institute, it does not compromise with the quality. They are going to call approximately 400 students for the interview process, and somewhere around 200 will appear for the procedure (Due to Conflict in the Interview Dates). One interesting thing is once you get shortlisted for the interview, your gate score does not matter, and they will judge you based on their written test and interview. First, you will be given a written test of one hour; it will mainly consist of algorithms, graph theory, aptitude. It will have negative markings as well, and the level of the questions will be really good, so try to focus on graph theory and algorithms more if you are planning to appear for IIT Gandhinagar interview. Just after the written test, a coding test will be conducted on HackerEarth. The coding round will be conducted on HackerEarth. It will have five questions, and the duration will be for one hour. Try to solve 30-40 easy or medium-level questions from geeksforgeek before appearing for the test. Based on the combined score of both these tests, Somewhere around 70 candidates will be shortlisted for the final face to face interview. There will be three panels, each panel consisting of 2 professors. The interview will take about 30 minutes. They will ask you your area of interest and, based on that, will try to evaluate you. All the professors will be really cool and will try to help you to reach a solution.

I will try to provide detailed information about the computer science department here at IIT Gandhinagar. Based on these aspects, you can decide whether you should go for it or not.

Academics: As there is no concept of the department in IIT Gandhinagar. Academics are flexible, being a computer science student if you are interested in doing your thesis under civil engineering professor or electrical engineering professor, you are allowed to do. You can take courses from other departments as well. It will help in pursuing your interest. Unlike B.Tech, Your life is going to be a little busy in doing assignments, projects, presentations, etc. But it’s amusing to complete all those rigorous assignments, projects, etc.

Faculty Profile and Research Culture: This is one of the aspects, you will never regret. All the faculties have completed their Ph.D. from some of the top-notch universities. If you are interested in research, you will get excellent opportunities. Most of the students are able to publish a research paper in some of the top conferences. If you are keen about research, I will suggest you join IIT Gandhinagar definitely.

Placements: I know if you are a computer science student, all the above points do not matter for you. So you wanted to know-how are the placements of CSE. As IIT Gandhinagar started their B.Tech CSE program in 2016, so it was the first batch of cse(First M.Tech batch got pass out in 2019) that is getting a pass out. This year some of the good tech companies visited on the campus such as Goldman Sachs, Nutanix, Jio, HSBC, Enphase, Clumio, Redpine, Samsung, Trading Technologies, eclearx. Till now, the minimum package is 10 LPA, and a maximum package is 36 given by nutanix. 4-5 people are still unplaced from B.Tech as well as M.Tech. M.Tech cse highest package is 36LPA, and the lowest is 10 LPA. (Minimum Base salary for student is 10 LPA)

Coding Culture: Coding culture is not very great in the college. Most of the B.Tech CSE students are research-oriented, and M.Tech student does not get much time to improve coding. Due to the lack of coding culture, some of the top tech giants such as diracti, codenation, went empty-handed during the placement process because students could not crack the coding test of these companies. 

My Suggestion: If you are a guy who is looking for placements only, after joining, you will feel a little regretful. But it is the situation with all the new IITs. If you can compromise in your package by 1-2 LPA, I will suggest you join IIT Gandhinagar. I am damn sure you will feel a unique experience after joining the IITGn. I hope all your doubts are clear, still in a dilemma, please let me know in the comment section.